The BEST toy I’ve found for my baby

Since before my daughter was born I would regularly find myself perusing the web searching for all the wisdom there was on bottles, crib, carseat, stroller, toys, etc., and what would be best for my child. You name it, I researched it! I am glad I did the research, it’s always good to make an informed decision, and I was pleased with the purchases I made.
Here are a list of the toys I have found that were a particular hit for my little Miss Margaret:

  • The O-Ball was the 1st toy she could really get a hold of and ‘play’ with.
  • This activity gym & ball pit. It can be adjusted to suit your child’s needs as they grow. (who doesn’t love a ball pit?!)
  • This toy cow teether was a H U G E hit in our house, Sophie (the extremely overpriced Giraffe) on the other hand was not. I think the cow is easier for little ones to chew on.
  • This banana tooth brush – yes, i did say tooth brush. Was a hit early on and still is one of her favourite toys. Helps with teething, and she loves when we ‘brush her teeth’. Hopefully this makes for a smooth transition into actual teeth brushing (note:she has no teeth yet).
  • My mom got her this carrot rattle when we were in Canada last, and it is one we do not leave the house without. Yes it gets slobbery, but don’t worry it’s machine washable.
  • Lastly I would say a jumper of any sort. We have limited space (and money) so we chose this door jumper (The one we bought was maybe 1/3 of the price on the link). I wouldn’t say its THE best jumper out there, but it is a good one. The sounds are fun, and they encourage her to jump. However, the flexibility of a jumper you can move around the house is very nice!

She is 7 1/2 months at this point, and to date these are her favourite toys that I have bought. But, can I tell you about her absolute favourite? I didn’t have to buy it, it didn’t show up at the top of the “must have” lists in my research, and it’s something that sadly I failed to realize IS her absolute favourite until today when we were playing with some new toys we got for her.

Ready for the simple truth??




Y’all it’s YOU!
Their parent.

You are their absolute favourite thing in the world. What constitutes a ‘good’ toy? Typically it is a toy that is fun for the child, engaging, educational, and one that keeps them interested. My daughter was a big fan of the toys she got, but she was an even bigger fan of playing with the toys with me. And today I saw C L E A R L Y how much she loved it when we ditched the toys, I gave her my undivided attention, and we just played together. Those special moments and giggles you just can’t put a price tag on!

The other day this photo popped up on my facebook of a giant iPhone separating a child from their parent while they are sitting on the couch {I’m still trying to find it again so I can insert it – bare with me.} Okay … honesty moment. Here comes my ‘Petite Heart’ vulnerability… As a SAHM (stay at home mom) there are times where I get bored, overwhelmed, annoyed, tired fill in the blank with being home all day doing the same things. I find myself in those moments prone to tuning out and getting on my iPhone, spending my time ‘with’ the rest of the world while my daughter plays with her toys. I’m sure I am not alone here in doing that. It is normal to feel that way at times, you are not a super hero … although you are a super mom, but hey, lets be present. (Also, it is good for children to have alone play time at times, just don’t use that as a crutch)

Before my daughter was born, I was obsessed with researching to find only the best for her. Now that I have realized exactly what who that is I will be making a huge effort to be the best, to be present, to ‘be the best toy’ for her. The past 1/2 year has flown by, I’m sure I’m going to blink and she’ll be a teenager … *gasp*cringe*deep breathe*smile*… who knows how long she’s going to sincerely want to play with me?

So go, buy your children the best toys you can buy, there are some good fun ones! Most importantly, make the decision to BE THEIR BEST TOY.

  • Alright, so now it’s your turn. Comment below and share;
    1) how making this change has effected your day with your child
    2) your BEST toy recommendations

Thanks for reading, come back again!


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