DIY Tooth fairy costume : Baby’s 1st Halloween

Last week we all ingested a years worth of sugar, or so if felt like. Thanks to Halloween and all the trick or treating, trick or trunking, and eating the leftover candy that comes with the celebration.

In an effort to try to be conservative with spending, and knowing our 8 month old wouldn’t even eat the candy, we had decided not to actively participate this year…. That was until I saw all the cute posts in my mom’s group of babies in costumes, and I then got invited to a trunk or treat by a friend. Well that meant I HAD to dress her up (YAY!)

I decided on a tooth fairy costume. I figured it would be adorable, and puny because she only has 2 teeny front teeth; The toothless tooth fairy. My plan had been to make a tutu dress but to save time and money I used a skirt she already had and made some accessories. I got everything I needed from Hobby Lobby, so I’m not sure it was actually cheaper to make one instead of buying it… but it WAS a lot of fun being creative, and it was special to have something home made.


The supplies I used in making this costume:
– onesie or T-shirt (or colour of your choosing, I used pink)
– tutu or skirt (colour of your choosing, I used pink and white)
– Hot glue gun & glue
– fairy wings (mine are from hobby lobby)
– wooden dowel with shape on top (mine was a tulip on the top)
– some sort of saw to cut the shape on the dowel down in size OR just make a really big tooth on the end of your wand
– felt. I bought 4 sheets of white. This is for the tooth, so you could use another material. Felt was cheap so I went with it.
– thin ribbon (or colour of your choosing, I chose pink)
– wide ribbon (or colour of your choosing, I chose a sparkly silver)
– scissors
– tiny (or large) canvas bag
– stick on letters (in a size appropriate to the size of canvas bag you are using)
– sewing machine, or needle and thread
– crown of some description (I got a crochet one from hobby lobby which was perfect because a wee one isn’t going to want a hard plastic one on their head)
– cotton batting, or cotton balls, or just use the leftover felt

  1. The teeth. I selected a tooth design I liked (and that my tulip fit inside of) from google images and traced it onto my felt. [note the tulip of my want fit inside the shape when it was flat but once it was sewed together it was too snug so I ended up cutting it down] I then cut out 2 of the tooth shapes in that size. I then cut out 2 slightly smaller teeth (for the onesie) and then 1 teeny tooth to put onto the tip of the crown.064
  2. I wrapped a number of strands of the thin ribbon around the tulip head so that they could hang out around the bottom of the tooth. Then I Then my grandmother-in-law sewed the tooth together but left the roots open. I inserted the dowel and then stuffed the tooth with cotton batting. I then cut out two extra roots and we sewed them onto the existing roots and stuffed them with cotton batting before sealing it all at the base of the tooth around the dowel.

    I tried to curl the ribbon but it didn't hold too long
    I tried to curl the ribbon but it didn’t hold for long
  3. I got out the hot glue gun and both types of ribbon. I then anchored the ribbon as close to the base of the tooth as possible. I then wrapped it around the down in candy cane fashion gluing a little bit at each wrap.  Once I got to the base I wrapped the ribbon a few times around and glued the ends. I also used a bunch of hot glue and filled in the end where I had let the ribbon come off of the dowel a little bit. This enforced it enough that my teething, chew-on-everything daughter couldn’t even get it lose.076

    glued end

  4. Take your onesie, ribbon, and 2 medium sized teeth. I made loops out of the ribbon to put them behind my tooth. My initial plan had been something puffy/feathery… but again.. baby that puts it all in her mouth. I know that wouldn’t work. But if your baby doesn’t I would try it! I put my first loop of sparkly ribbon in starting in the centre of the tooth to see how far it would stick out, and then adjusted it to my preferred size. I then cut the ribbon and made four more of the same. I then did the same with the pink thin ribbon. Using hot glue I stuck them all down. Sparkly loops first, pink loops on top of those. I then stitched the loops down around the hot glue base for some extra support. I hot glued the 2 medium sized teeth together and stuffed 2 cotton balls inside. I then hot glued the tooth onto the centre of the loopy ribbons.063


  5. For the bag I used the sparkly silver ribbon and hot glued it around the top of the bag, on both sides. I was planning on putting just the letters by themselves on the bag but it just seeemed too plane. So I cut 3 pieces of the thin pink ribbon and braided it together. Hint, you can keep your ends from fraying by running a lighter flame across the freshly cut edge. So when I had braided a little bit I took the lighter and to the end and stuck my 3 pieces together. I did the same thing at the other end when I was done the braid. I hot glued the braid onto the centre of the bag and then stuck the letters on top. {Easy, and so cute!}065071072
  6. The crown really wouldn’t even need anything else done to it but I felt like dressing it up a bit, and it would be quick. I took the tiniest felt tooth and hot glued it onto one of the peaks of the crown. Note: you should find the seam on the crown and make sure you glue the tooth onto the opposite side. I then took the sparkly ribbon and wove it through the crown, and secured the two ends together with hot glue.
    * when I did this it turned out I didn’t have it large enough to allow for the crown to stretch over my daughters head. So maybe measure your child’s head first to ensure it will fit. (that’s why there is no ribbon in the pictures with her wearing it).075
  7. Then just slip on the skirt, and the wings and you are done! A bonus was that the wings actually fit on my daughter while she was in our Graco jogger – YAY!
    so cute!
    Tooth fairy & Pumpkin

    149So there you have it. This costume could be any colour, or colours. And you could accessorize or embellish it in so many ways. In the end I think it cost me more than just going to Walmart and buying a cheap baby costume. But it was fun to make, I had a real sense of accomplishment when it was done, it was one of a kind, AND she looked ADORABLE in it = totally worth it!  If you try this costume share your tooth fairy cuteness in the comments!

Don’t forget to brush your teeth,


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