February: A Month In Review

It’s that time again! Here’s my update on my new years resolution, as well as how our month went overall.

This month my daughter turned 1. Yes, 1. I can hardly believe it myself! It feels like time has flown by this past year, but then there are also certainly moments where it’s felt like it’s been dragging. Anyhow, we had her party, which was so fun to plan! (I am such a planner I have realized) In terms of the paleo diet however .. lets just say, there was A LOT of cupcakes, icing, cake and treats. I gave myself full permission to just enjoy the celebration, and the food, especially since I spent a good chunk of time making it all. More about that in this blog post to come.



We had been suspecting my daughter had an egg allergy and potentially dairy too, but had to wait until she was 1 to get a referral to the allergist. Well, we had the appointment last week and she definitely has allergies to egg, dairy, and a number of other things. IMG_0452IMG_0447Poor girl. the good news is that if they’re not super severe she will likely outgrow them by the time she’s 4-5 years old. We will go in to a lab to get blood drawn for more detailed results, and to see which proteins she’s allergic to (that’s my understanding of it anyways). Hopefully this will tell us that she can have eggs in things that are baked, that would make things a bit easier.  In the mean time they gave us an epi pen. We now have a confirmation of our suspicions, which is nice, and we can make sure she’s got food that is safe for her. Time to revamp the menu, it actually works out well that we’re doing paleo right now.

In other news, I went to go get my Louisiana drivers license this month. In true DMV style we waited for-e-ver. We were then told that in order to get a license I need to do 14 hours of driver training, and then take the drivers test before I could get my license… even though I have a perfect record and have been driving for 11 years. *groan* Exactly what I want to do with all my free time. (this statement is dripping in sarcasm). SO, looks like I’ll be doing that again sometime soon. Maybe if I ask if I can bring Margaret along for ‘in car’ they’ll cut the lessons short? Hmm…

Overall, I did probably about the same at keeping to the diet as I did in January. Sadly I have yet to get a day planner for meal planning, and I totally failed at recording what I was eating. I am kind of particular so I was wanting to get the perfect day planner. I can now see that I just need to pick one that has a daily layout, forget all the little details  and just “git ‘er done!” One productive thing I DID do was finally order a paleo cookbook that I have been wanting for awhile, you can find it here. It should be here tomorrow, I am SO pumped!! I will most definitely be posting all the tasty things I try from it so follow my blog for future updates. Oh, and I did lose a little bit more weight! Although it was only a few pounds i now weigh in at less than I did when I got pregnant with my daughter – little victory, hooray! I have heard that when it comes to weight loss it’s 80% your diet, and 20% physical activity. I’m not sure if this is 100% accurate, but considering my physical activity level hasn’t changed and I have still managed to lose the weight I have been stuck at for so long I am inclined to say it’s true.

I don’t think I took as many photos as last month, but here’s a sneak peak at some of the top yummy’s (plus some I didn’t take photos of) that I’ll share soon!



HELLO MARCH: Next thing for me. Hitting up amazon and ordering a day-planner! This coming month I will be traveling to the land of poutine, all dressed chips, maple syrup, Tim Hortons, sour cherry blasters and endless snacks; Canada – YAY!! (Regardless of the tasty food, I really am going to see my family, I swear).  I plan on taking advantage of the time to indulge in a few of my Canadian favourites, but hopefully thing’s don’t get too crazy! I am not looking forward to detoxing from the grain and sugar, they’re so addicting to me. Also, I have been wanting to try to get to daily mass in the mornings when Josh doesn’t work. Of course the one time I made it there mass was canceled – fail. haha. I need to try agin. I shall add it to the schedule, writing it in the planner!

Good luck with your resolutions, keep it up! To amazon I go…


One thought on “February: A Month In Review

  1. Sharon Runstedler

    What a great post Em! So much fun to read! You have such great enthusiasm and put it so beautifully into words 🙂

    Your meals all look soooo yummy. Heck who WOULDN’T want to go Paleo when you get to eat BACON wrapped burgers and sweet potato fries?? Yummmmy!!

    And of course Margaret looks absolutely adorable in her little Pepper smeared face! Melts my heart every time!

    I suggest you bring your paleo recipes to Canada with you…. your family may want you to share your wonderful paleo expertise (hint hint).

    Perhaps you can find an agenda in Canada. Heaven knows it will be much cheaper with the American Exchange! The sap is flowing here in Canada and Daily Mass and your family lovingly await you Emily! ❤


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