Welcome, to my Petite Heart! I am humbled and grateful to have you here.

* * *

The human heart is a beautiful thing,

it is strong, fragile, constant,

complicated, passionate & life-giving.

It is home to all of our fears, desires

and greatest aspirations.

* * *

The aim of this blog is simply to share with you what has been put on my “Petite Heart” (Little heart, for my non-french friends). This might be anywhere from my joys, my struggles, advice, controversial, lighthearted, practical topics. or anything in between…
My hope is that through joining me here you might also experience some of the joy, peace, conviction, that i have experienced.  I have found that I learn a lot by explaining things to people and giving advice so hopefully the benefits of this blog will be twofold!

Me and my two girls having some morning snuggles while watching ‘paw patrol’.

A little bit about myself. I am from Ontario, Canada. And after having taken about 7 years off of university, getting married, having a baby and now being separated and moving back to Ontario – I am a university student once more. I am working towards my Psychology BA, as well as working part time.   I  am mother to a beautiful baby girl named Margaret Rose, and am so lucky that I was  able to stay home with her for the 1.5 years of her life, and am now home with her part time. This new role in my life has been so amazing, joyful, at times difficult, beautiful and rewarding. There will be another little girl joining our girls party in the new year (2017), Things are going to get a lot more crazy, but also that much more blessed 😀
I am passionate about many things, my family, board games, good books, nature, having a grateful heart for this life I have been blessed with, and most importantly, striving for heaven and bringing as many people with me as possible (let’s race each other to the cross, okay?).

Thanks for joining me!

PS: To navigate to my blog posts use the menu at the top, or the menu options at the bottom (archives, recent posts, categories, search etc).


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